Boat Excursion: The Best Activity to Experience in Milos

Adamas Seaport
Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences in Milos for the visitor is a daily boat cruise, either with a sailboat, a catamaran, or a traditional wooden hull such as the one that makes the Round of Milos Tour. The unique, stunning coastline of Milos, combined with its crystal-clear waters, make the excursion an interesting, and ultimately one of the most desirable experiences for the visitor.
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Kleftiko - The most popular destination

Most excursions start from Adamas, but also from Pollonia or the south coast of Milos, such as Paliochori, Agia Kyriaki, Provatas / Agios Sostis, or Kipos. For almost all excursions, the most interesting destination is Kleftiko, an old, pirates' hideout, a rugged landscape with many caves and crystal clear waters. Depending on the trip, the stop at Kleftiko can last from 30 minutes to up to 4 hours, but usually 1-2 hours.

Sykia - The cave with the collapsed dome

Perhaps the second most interesting destination is Sykia, a large cave with the collapsed dome, with a sea entrance where only small boats can enter, a small beach, and of course, crystal clear waters. The sailboats generally drop anchor outside Sykia, and carry guests with inflatable dinghies in and out of the cave.

Where does the boat stop during the trip?

West Coast
Each trip usually includes stops for swimming on beaches where access is either impossible or very difficult for land vehicles, usually in the remote west or eastern part of Milos. Indicatively, stops can be made at Cape Vani, Agathia, Kalogries, Triades, Ammoudaraki, Agios Ioannis and Sykia, as far as the western part of Milos is concerned. Also in the Sulphur Mines or Paliorema on the east side of the island, Gerontas, Gerakas (Kalamos) and Tsigrado on the southern part of the island. Some excursions also visit the beaches and caves of the uninhabited isle of Polyaigos.

Boat trip stops outside of Milos

Round of Milos
At least one excursion, the Round of Milos Tour with Captain Yiangos, stops at Kimolos for lunch. Some excursions also reach Polyaigos, an uninhabited island east of Milos and southwest of Kimolos, with some amazing, deserted beaches and crystal-clear azure waters, and a coastline similar to the east side of Milos.
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All excursions include many attractions, not just stops for swimming. Characteristically, we mention the fishermen's settlements with the syrmata boathouse dwellings (fishermen's lodges and boat storage) at Skinopi, Klima, Areti, Fourkovouni, Fyropotamos. Also, the Arkoudes (=Bears), two majestic rocks at the entrance of the bay of Milos, Cape Vani with its steep cliffs and the abandoned manganese mines, the uninhabited isle of Erimomilos, the Pirates' Chest, the cliffs of Firlingos, the "Eye", the Sulphur Mines, and of course, Sykia and Kleftiko. If you are lucky, you may also see dolphins during the excursion, or even the Caretta-Caretta turtle or the Monachus-Monachus Monk seal.

When does the boat trip start?

Sailboat against Sunset
Excursions usually start in the morning from 9:00 am - 11: 00 am, and return from 6:30 pm up to the time of sunset.

How can I make a reservation?

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Reservations are usually made directly with the crew of each boat the evening before the trip, with or without an advance deposit, at the port of Adamas. Even excursions that depart from elsewhere usually have representatives in the port of Adamas, which inform the public and take reservations.

You may fill out a no-obligation RESERVATION REQUEST form to be sent out to all participating boats/excursions.

When and how are boat trips booked?

Nautitech 395
During the peak tourist season, demand is so great that guests are encouraged to make reservations as many days before the date of the trip. However, since the excursion can be canceled due to adverse weather conditions, most boats ask guests to contact them the evening before the trip to confirm the reservation.

You may fill out a no-obligation RESERVATION REQUEST form to be sent out to all participating boats/excursions.
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How else can I make a reservation for a daily cruise?

Sailboat in Kleftiko
Many tourist offices in the port also make reservations for day trips. Many boats have established their own tourist offices and accept reservations only for their own excursions. Some boats also accept online reservations.

What happens in the event of cancellation?

Sailboat Downwind
In case of strong northerly winds, other excursions are canceled, and any down payment is refunded, or the excursion starts at some point on the south coast of Milos. In this case, the program usually changes, and more stops take place in the southern part of the island, and fewer, or even none at all, in the northern part. Guests get transported from Adamas to the south side of the island by shuttle bus or taxi, or by their own means.

How many passengers does a boat take?

At Anchor in Kleftiko
Daily cruise boats come in different sizes and therefore capacity for guests and crew differs greatly. The Round of Milos Tour - Captain Yiangos can carry more than 100 passengers, while sailboats carry from 8 to 49 guests plus crew, depending on the boat.

What is the cost of a daily cruise?

Couple on deck
The cost of the cruise varies depending on the range of the trip, and services offered. For most tours, costs range from €50 to more than €100. As expected, excursions starting from Adamas, approaching Polyaigos and making a round of the island, as well as those that offer appetizers, full meal, refreshments and desserts will be more expensive than those without food or those that make shorter trips.

The Round of Milos Tour only charges €40 per person, while shorter tours such as, for example, those that start from Kipos and approach only Gerontas and Kleftiko, are even more economical at €25.
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